Accent Development Solutions (ADS)




Lead Designer
Full Scope Architectural and Engineering Design


GMWM was appointed by Accent Development Solutions, the investor, as the lead designer of the new modern passenger terminal building with 250 passengers per hour capacity in Korkyt Ata Airport in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, complying with local and international standards.
The design aims to achieve an elegant and modern appearance without compromising on frugality. The Kazakh Eagle-Inspired Airport Terminal is an embodiment of GMWM’s commitment to sustainable architecture that respects Kazakhstan's rich heritage and environmental needs.
The Airport Terminal project embodies a deep understanding of Kazakhstan's unique context and cultural symbolism, reinforcing its identity on the global stage. With a focus on sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics, this terminal promises to redefine the airport experience for both travelers and visitors.
The approach to designing the terminal recognizes its complexity both in terms of functionality and its technical content; it should also reconcile the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders like the operators, the airlines, and most importantly the passengers.